Aztec Rulers: Ahuitzotl, Eighth Tlatoani

About the Aztec ruler Ahuitzotl.

Formal name: Ahuitzotzin
Reign: 1486-1502, 1485-1502 (Tira de Tepechpan)
Name: Water possum
Place of Birth: Likely Tenochtitilan

Upon the death of Ahuitzotl’s brother, Tizoc, the lords met and powerful advisor Tlacaelel began to advocate for his young nephew, a child at the time according to Duran. Other sources say he was already an accomplished military leader and priest. A huge inaugural festival was thrown with allies and enemies invited.

One of his first efforts was to put down a rebellion in the north where the Huastec Nation. He joined the other Triple Alliance leaders, notably King Nezahualpilli of Texcoco, in wars of conquest across the empire.

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Aztec Rulers: Tizoc, Seventh Tlatoani

Formal name: Tizocicatzin
Reign: 1481-1486, 1481-1485 (Tira de Tepechpan)
Name: He who makes sacrifices, he who does penance
Place of Birth: Likely Tenochtitlan

Upon the death of his brother, Axayacatl, the two remaining leaders of the Triple Alliance, Nezahualpilli of Texcoco and Chimalpopoca of Tlacopan, met and selected Tizoc to be the next tlatoani of Tenochtitlan. He was a grandson of former emperors Moctezuma I and Itzcoatl, and the middle brother of three who would follow, in order, as tlatoani.

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